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Hey There Butterfly!

Schneika Adonis is the Founder of HBSA Beautybar and she's a firm believer in Jesus Christ.

Meet Our Founder

The CEO & Founder of HBSA Beautybar is Schneika Adonis. She was born in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. Came to the United States when she was 11 years old. Lived in Miami, Florida for a while, then after high school, moved to Tampa, Florida.


 Her journey begins when she started working at a hair store called Elegant Beauty Supplies. While working there a lot of the customers would compliment her and ask about her hairstyles. And Before you know it, she was doing their hair. 


At the age 18, She started pursuing her talent, it started to build a curiosity, but she couldn’t fully embrace it because her parents wanted her to start school to become a Doctor. She even started working at the Tampa Hospital for a while, now known as Advent Health But, It wasn't quite satisfying... 


She had a decision to make, choosing between their approval or her curiosity. She knew doing hair made her happy, It didn't feel like a hassle or a burden, and creating a safe and intimate space for her clients, now known as her “butterflies” to release gave her purpose.  

She also realized she was more into business, owning a company, creating jobs, and blessing others. 


So, she decided to give birth to her Brand  "HBSA BeautyBar"







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